After 24 races the engine said...I am hot, tired, and "you" didn't take care of me this week-end. So Bang it went!

Robert Merrit, at the front again !
Engine Temp 100,110,120,130,140 celcius ! then...BANG! BANG!!!! DNF

One of seven MG Special 1934 made, an still racing hard

Le dije patron...andamos muy acostados, o era de acostado...?

National 1917 only one in existence, and running hard!

Jap Twin at full speed !

At the champiosnship continued at ButtonWillow. A challenging track with all type of corners. We had a total of 9 laps the whole week-end. Missed practiced because the brake pedal went to the floor. Then in the afternoon the temp started to go up, up, and with one lap to go...well i should have pulled in. but the damage was done. Load things to the trailer and enjoy the Beef and Wine !. Great cars on Sunday. Great show by the VARA board.  Dont miss the next one ...the Indy-Car Reunion at the Fontana Oval.
The MARTINI was back !

Paul Lisec Ralt getting ready
CA door to beautiful SCCA Buttonwillow Track,, well almost there!

At the "car" hospital....

After the last event there was no option that to take the car apart. The clutch basically just wore off. Nothing left from the pad !.  Complete service and on the way to put together again.